What Women Who Have it All Know That You Don’t:

How Small Handful of Women Are Living Their Dream Love Life 

(Without sacrificing their ambitions and aspirations!) 


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You’re Going to Discover…

  • A simple process that’s unlocking the feminine power of our clients, transforming them from Lonely Warriors into Adored Queens, while staying true to themselves and bringing out the best in the men around them.

  • A secret formula which works every time, and which has you feel more yourself than ever before, allowing you to heal and feel powerful in yourself even if you had the worst argument, made a mistake, are post break up or feeling lonely. 

  • Why playing power games with men, following common dating rules and controlling emotions is the slowest, most heartbreaking way of finding a relationship… and the simple process our clients use to be in the right place, with the right man, saying the right thing and creating magic love moments with him every day. 

  • How to turn on your magnet and use intuition as a guidance to meet the right man in less than a few weeks, even if you have high standards and it’s not worked for you before. 

  • And how to do all of this, whilst having a positive influence on everyone around you, purely by being in your presence!  


Justyna Kucharska

the founder of powerfulwoman.love. 

She has helped high achieving women on a mission unlock their feminine power to create a fulfilling love life while being authentic and bringing the best out of their men.