The 5 Simple Shifts Any Woman Can Use to Find Her Dream Guy Who Values and Supports Her For ALL That She Is…

(Even if she feels like she’s failed so often before.)


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You’re Going to Discover…

  • The exact step-by-step strategy our clients use to unlock their feminine power, so they attract the RIGHT guys who see, hear and receive their TRUE feelings …even if they feel burned and jaded by previous relationships.

  • A secret blueprint that turns even the most shy, insecure and introverted woman into a confident radiant and magnetic QUEEN, who attracts and connects with any man she wants.

  • The REAL reason why playing power games, keeping emotions under control, and following all the dating 'rules' leaves most women even more alone, disheartened and desperate ...

  • How they’re putting an end to repeating relationship patterns, or having the same old fights and arguments like they've had in the past, and instead enjoying longer lasting love with someone who truly values and honours them.

  • Why no woman should ever settle for an ‘okay' relationship, and the simple tools our clients use to find a man that truly lights the fire in their hearts, even if it's been years since they had that spark.

  • And, how we do ALL this in a way that's honest, authentic, and sets them up for true lasting love.


Justyna Kucharska Love Relationship Coaching

Justyna Kucharska

For the last decade Justyna Kucharska has helped high-achieving women unlock their feminine power to create fulfilling love relationships while being true to themselves and bringing the best out of their men. 

Justyna understands the challenges smart women have in finding love. After an unfulfilling marriage she spent many years studying the Sacred Feminine and working with the union of masculine and feminine energies.

A former gold medallist athlete, masters’ scholar in chemical engineering and sacred retreats teacher, Justyna’s unique, leading-edge approach combines peak performance mindset and divine magic. 90% of her clients have either improved their relationship, found a new love, had a baby or even started their own business!.

With her warm and welcoming manner she helps her clients create alignment between heart, mind and desire for powerful transformation and proven results.